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In VISIONPiLATES, Ginny is our Senior Trainer. Her primary responsibilities focus on Rehabilitation Pilates and supervising the Team. Ginny is the Key Trainer for Rehabilitation and Special Populations groups. She teaches Private, Duet or Trio Pilates, Pre/Post-Natal Pilates, Diastasis Recti Recovery™, Scoliosis, Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis®, Starter Pack/Mini Courses for Beginners, Core Barre and Advance Group Reformer sessions. (Teaching Experience in VISIONPiLATES since 2009)


Ginny is the Founder of VISIONPiLATES. Since 2002, Ginny has been studying, practicing and teaching Pilates. She was a fully certified Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels and small apparatus. In 2004, she gained her certification in pre and postnatal Pilates from the Center for Women’s Fitness. The following year 2005, she completed the STOTT PILATES® Rehab Based “Injuries and Special Populations” training, Toronto, Canada. This rehab training has further enhanced her knowledge in handling different rehabilitation groups. In 2008, she was the first Malaysian to receive her Instructor Trainer status with STOTT PILATES®. She played a key role as a Proctor Examiner for STOTT PILATES® Certification Examination for Asia Pacific region.

She also completed her GYROTONIC® Teacher Training Course in 2009 with a certified Master GYROTONIC® Instructor Trainer, Ms Dawnna Wayburne in Hong Kong. Ginny is a certified GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® instructor.

In 2014, Ginny decided to continue her Instructor Trainer career with Pilates Academy International (PAI), headquarter in New York, USA. She also gained her Instructor Trainer status for CORE BARRE. The CORE BARRE System of Smart Movement® is a group based exercise programme that combines elements of Pilates mat, classical ballet, resistance training and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). She continued her trainings and certified in CORE REFORM, CORE SUSPEND, Cardiolates™ and Pilates for Menopause in the same year. In 2015, Ginny attended intensive course for AIS and learnt more comprehensive method of muscle lengthening and fascial release.

Over the years, Ginny strives to promote the awareness of fitness and healthy lifestyle through Pilates and Yoga. She travels extensively to Canada, United States, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong for teachings, conferences, certification courses and workshops to upgrade her knowledge in the realm of Pilates and movement. In mid 2017, Ginny travelled to United States further expanding her Pilates knowledge into Classical Pilates methods. Early 2019, she gained the Apprenticeship status from Romana’s Teacher Training Programme to continue her Classical Pilates journey. She is currently our Senior Trainer. 

In VISIONPiLATES, John holds the Senior Instructor for Rehabilitation (Slipped Disc, Socliosis, etc) and Special Populations groups. He teaches Private, Duet or Trio Pilates, Pre/Post-Natal Pilates, Starter Pack for Beginners, Group Reformer and Group Mat sessions. (Teaching Experience in VISIONPiLATES since 2009)


John is a certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor of Pilates Evolution (PMA approved) and a Les Mills BodyBalance™ AIM2 Advanced Instructor.

Previously an IT consultant, John fell in love with these 2 programmes since 2001 as a participant and has been teaching Les Mills BodyBalance™ since 2003.

He has been teaching equipment and mat Pilates since 2005 focusing on reconditioning the body with proper biomechanics and movement. John has also attended workshops on Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates and Myofascial Release (both from the Centre of Women's Fitness).

In VISIONPiLATES, Kai Li is our BOWEN Therapist. She is also our Key Instructor for Group Reformer, Mini Courses Reformer/Mat, Pilates 101 Mini Courses series and Starter Pack for Beginners. She also conducts Private, Duet or Trio Pilates sessions, private Diastasis Recti Recovery™, Pre/Post-Natal and Rehabilitation (Slipped Disc, Socliosis, etc) clients. (Teaching Experience in VISIONPiLATES since 2012)


Kai Li was first introduced to Pilates as part of the Les Mills BodyBalance™ program and obtained her first international instructor certification in 2008. Later, she was recommended by her orthopaedic to help rehabilitate her herniated disc, sciatica, and piriformis syndrome. She quickly began to feel the benefits of practicing Pilates, which helped to strengthen her back, minimize her pain, and develop awareness of neutral alignment for deep postural muscles. During her Pilates rehabilitation program, she was inspired by her trainer Ginny's coaching techniques and encouragement to move further. She then took up her first Pilates teaching certification training and aimed to discover deeper advantages of a consistent Pilates practice.

Kai Li was trained under Polestar Pilates® Mat Series Level 1 & Level 2, STOTT PILATES Intensive Mat Plus (IMP). She is an internationally certified Pilates Instructor under Pilates Academy International (PAI) for Anatomy, Biomechanics & Posture Analysis (ABP), All Populations Mat (APM), and All Populations Reformer (APR). She is also trained in All Populations Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels (APCCB). In addition, Kai Li obtained her certificates from Carolyne Anthony of The Center for Women's Fitness for her Myofascial Release Techniques, The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery™, and Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates Specialist Program™..

As a Pilates practitioner and instructor, Kai Li is continuously inspired by how Pilates re-educates and heals the body. She enjoys working with people of all fitness levels, making each class challenging, but also encourages her clients to have fun and enjoy Pilates and all its benefits. Kai Li looks forward to advancing her Pilates education more towards rehabilitation and women's health.

Besides Pilates, Kai Li is passionate about running. She is trained in the POSE METHOD® at the intermediate level. The POSE METHOD® was developed by Olympic Coach Dr. Romanov in 1977. Currently, she works as an assistant running coach with Run Fast Academy (RFA) in Malaysia, where she actively coaches runners on a weekly basis during RFA run clinics. 

Kai Li was a Yoga instructor trained under Sun Yoga RYT 200 hours certification by Dr Jacqueline Koay and obtained her kid Yoga certification in 2009.

In addition, Kai Li has completed her BOWEN Therapy course, a holistic remedial body technique that works on the soft connective tissue (fascia) of the body, under the BOWEN Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA). BOWEN therapy can be used to treat musculoskeletal or related neurological problems, including acute sports injuries and chronic or organic conditions. BOWEN therapy is performed on the superficial and deep fascia. Kai Li also obtained her Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certification.