Mini Courses

Mini Courses or Starter Pack provide anyone a unique experience to begin their Pilates journey. Whether you had a little experience or no experience in Pilates, or wanted to enhance your Pilates knowledge and skills, or simply curious what is Pilates about, our special designed Mini Courses will engage you and give you a new perspectives of Pilates and could become your lifelong interest of your hobby! Hence, there will be no pre-requisites to enrol into our Mini Courses.

Terms and Conditions

  • These Mini Courses or Starter Pack is highly recommended for those who have no major injury, slipped disc, pre/postnatal or scoliosis clients.
  • Mini Courses and Starter Pack are offered to any member is new to Pilates at VISIONPiLATES.
  • Member who purchased these packages (Mini Courses/Starter Pack) can only be purchased once.